Blood is Drawn is a re-imagining of the first chapter of Blood is Mine. It is co-written by Matthew "Morgenstern" Morgan and Rufiangel, and fully illustrated in colour by Rufiangel. It is hosted on the Tapas webcomics platform. Blood is Drawn began updating on October 16th, 2017, and updates once a week on Tuesdays after midnight central time (-6 GMT). As of July 13th, 2018, it consists of thirty eight "episodes" and covers pages 1 to 38 of Blood is Mine. It is intended to eventually cover the entire first chapter of Blood is Mine.

BID 001a

A panel from the first page of Blood is Drawn, showing a close up of Jane Doe as she wakes up in her hospital room.

The comic differs from Blood is Mine in several ways, chief among them is that Morgenstern's original prose is largely replaced by Jane Doe's own internal monologue. Another difference is that the protagonist actually has dialogue written for her instead of having her actions laid out for the reader. As it is based on a chapter that is already completed, the story is largely set in stone and is not dictated by reader input. This format change was intended to make the comic available for a wider audience, and make it so that an already completed chapter could be hosted on other webcomics platforms that would not work quite as well with the interactive style as ComicFury.

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