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A fancy nightclub in the Upper Tiers owned by Gesenai Shirai. While Shirai owns and staffs the club, Macland Row has the run of the place. It is lit and painted entirely in red, the colour scheme extending even to the security room in the basement.


Currently, the club has approximately 30 patrons. During the Club Elegance infiltration in Chapter 2, Fuse saw 30 names on the membership list in the computer in the security office within the club, and recalled all of them using Jane's faux-Cleantex-effect.

All of the patrons are very powerful names, every member a millionaire at minimum. They include CEOs, prestigious lawyers and renowned doctors with stakes in every tier of the city. All of them have businesses that benefit from the Tobu attack or could conceivably take advantage of the class war brewing between the lower and middle tiers.[1]


Most of the staff consists of lab meat guards from a line that was meant to be cage fighters, but were sold off at a discount when their skills were found to be lacking. Until the events of Chapter 3, Caius worked for Club Elegance. Other notable staff include Knox, a guard with a scar on his face that is loyal to Macland Row and has presumably been Queened, and an unnamed bartender that was blooded by Jane Doe and subsequently met an unfortunate end.


The upper levels of the club consist of a bar area as well as a VIP lounge that has a Temple of Enyo logo above its entrance. In the basement, there is a security office with a computer terminal monitoring the feeds from cameras in the club as well as containing sensitive information on the club's member list, as well as a secret torture room with hidden doors.

Infiltration Mission[]

In Chapter 2, the party infiltrated Club Elegance via a vent in the back of the club with the goal of blooding Macland Row. During the infiltration, Jane Doe blooded a security guard, the bartender and Macland Row, while Fuse was able to pull some information from the computer in the security room. Unfortunately, the security guard was caught without arms and seen as suspicious, leading to a second security guard shooting him and then radio-ing for help. Fuse set the radio on fire but accidentally also set the guard on fire, which set the whole security room alight. Jane and Fuse barely managed to get out before they were caught, but on the way out ran across Caius, who Jane blooded in order to keep him quiet.