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Drugs are very common in the city in which the story takes place. Several different varieties have been named in the comic and are listed here for reference.

Save the Queen[]

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Level generally takes the form of green cigarettes. Smoking level places the smoker at an emotional baseline and eliminates fear, aggression, and stress[1]. Chemically, it inhibits the body's ability to produce adrenaline. Partaking in any intense, physical activity while on level causes intense chest pains and may lead to cardiac arrest and death. Dr. Finch alleges that it mimics a rare condition called polyglandular Addison's, in which the body activates the stress response but does not increase blood pressure, sugar, or various other things. Effects of level can linger for up to two hours, but are usually gone in about thirty minutes.

Fuse often smokes level, as the calm it induces gives him greater control over his pyrokinetic abilities.


Cleantex is a drug that creates shortcuts between the "remember stuff" parts of the brain[1]. It is useful for any number of things. It first made it's appearance in Howler Ferrings' apartment. People on cleantex remember every little detail of their entire lives, even into infancy. Side effects of the drug include remembering every little detail of one's life from actual useful information to "every math problem from third grade" or "every insipid detail of every embarrassing thing" they have ever done. First-time users also commonly forget to breathe. Fuse claims that no one's first Cleantex trip is a good one.


Chatter is a technically illegal "truth serum". It is a hypnotic drug that alters higher brain functions, prevents lying, and lowers inhibitions in regards to speech.


Ultraprex is a supplement generally used when recovering from cybernetic implants.


A potent painkiller, commonly cut with something else, to prevent addiction to a feeling of painlessness[2]


An anxiety medicine. Common side effects include dizziness, sweating, and an upset stomach. Taking the medication on a full stomach is strongly recommended[3].