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"That's what Experiment Odin was--an attempt to take three blurry images of emotional turmoil and strengthen them, sharpen them, to something greater." ― Dr. Finch [[source]]

Experiment Odin was a project of Zone 50 and was housed in Bunker E in the town of Ilworth, England. The experiment grew out of Zone 50's use of Folkat Systems, a system of generating electricity by pulling wasted electrical energy from the surrounding area and refining it. A device was built to strengthen three ghosts, or imprints, made of electromagnetic energy and containing the partial memories and emotions of a young Ilworth resident into stronger manifestations. The intent of the experiment was ostensibly to use the three imprints, who were named Faraday, Tesla, and Edison as weapons. The three ghost girls were told to climb into specially constructed containers which were plugged into a large Folkat device. As a result, the ghosts were indeed strengthened, but unfortunately for Zone 50, were deemed unsuitable as weapons

Incident F[]

After failing to create the weapons they desired, and at the behest of the Director of Zone 50, one of the ghosts was experimented on further. One of the researchers was forced to overload the imprint known as Faraday, channeling more energy into the ghost than she could control. As a result Faraday became an incorporeal conscience that took up nearly the entire space of Bunker E.


As evidenced by the imprints of the project's researchers, many were traumatized by Incident F. They considered the ghost girls to be real beings, and reviled at having to essentially torture and destroy one of them. At some point, several important items, including document 15e, a strange gun, and several energy cells were hidden in a secret compartment in Bunker E so that they could not be found by Zone 50's director, or other Zone 50 personnel. The gun was a marvel of technology for the time that used the Folkat process to restrain apparitions, but could have been refined further to create a weapon on par with a Stratemeyer weapon.


As a result of the experiment, Faraday's consciousness was spread throughout Bunker E. Initially, when found by Caius and Dr. Finch, she could only communicate by manipulating the environment. After a view screen was repaired by Jane Doe, synced with Fuse, Faraday could project herself on the screen. Eventually, Jane was able to compress Faraday's energy and enable her to regain her original form.


It is implied that Tesla was seriously affected by the apparent death of her "sister," and according to one of the imprints of a Bunker E researcher, after Incident F she did nothing but lay in a corner, crying. Even after being released by Jane, Tesla was wary of strangers.


Edison was seemingly the most traumatized by Incident F. Unable to be controlled before the incident, afterwards she wished to murder the researchers. At some point, she developed a propensity towards violence and sociopathic behavior, although it is unclear if this was a direct result of the trauma of Incident F or not.