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"Y... you did it! Oh my goodness, you did it!" ― Faraday [[source]]

Faraday appears as a young girl with light brown or dirty blonde hair in a yellow dress. She is the third of three imprints encountered by Jane Doe and her group, after her "sister" Edison. Originally discovered by Zone 50 in the town of Ilworth, she and her sisters Edison and Tesla were experimented on by the organizations' doctors in Bunker E. After a lab accident, referred to by Zone 50 as "Incident F", her form was dispersed throughout Bunker E.

Early Life[]

Not much is known about Faraday's early life, or even really what she is. At some point in her past she lived in a house in Ilworth, England. After she died, her imprint remained in Ilworth with the imprints of her sisters, Edison and Tesla. Zone Fifty located her, and contained her within Bunker E. They would later perform experiments on her, though the exact nature of these experiments is not currently known, other than making her imprint stronger. However, one of the experiments "overloaded" her, causing her electromagnetic energy to be spread throughout the Bunker she was contained in, causing both the scientists and her sisters to believe she had died. Faraday is named after British scientist Michael Faraday, who discovered the principles underlying electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism and electrolysis.

Faraday was first encountered by Caius in Bunker E, although being incorporeal, Faraday could not directly communicate with him. After noticing and repairing a malfunctioning television screen in the bunker, Jane was able to make contact with Faraday.

Replicating Incident F[]

After recovering Tesla and receiving Geoangular Control from The Library, Jane and Dr. Finch began working on ways to reconstitute Faraday. Using the Astral Projection ritual from Geoangular Control to split her incorporeal form from her body, and using the Experiment Odin machine to replicate Incident F, Jane was able to recreate the disassociation that Faraday experienced. After traveling through her own subconscious, Jane compressed her astral form down to its normal size, and in the process was able to compress Faraday into her original form.


Faraday's personality is the most outgoing of the three ghost sisters. She appears to take on more of a big sister role, compared to Edison or Tesla.


Not much is known about Faraday's abilities, however, as an imprint her powers include intangibility and interfering with electrical signals and devices. It is unknown if she is as strong as her sister, Edison, who could paralyze normal humans. It is, however, likely that she shares the same weakness to water.