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A powerful arcane book of rituals used for contacting the Tradesmen, among other otherworldly entities. It contains various rituals for a wide variety of purposes, from exchanging items with the Tradesmen for upgraded items to destroying things utterly by calling on the power of Nil. It was given to Jane by The Library. The FBI considers this book extremely dangerous, on the level of [I forget what].

A ritual that swaps mind and soul between two bodies.

This is the ritual that Nil offered to use on Caius in exchange for control of Macland Row's body[1].

A small ritual that lets you conjure a ghost.

Jane used this ritual in [] to solidify

A ritual that lets you step out of your body.

Caius was the first to use this ritual[2].

Jane has used this ritual three times, twice to practice astral projection[3][4], and once to reproduce Incident F[5].

A ritual that turns multiple low quality objects into one high quality object.

Requirements: Green writing and green candles.

The team have used this ritual a number of times.

Offering Result Page Notes
A pile of handguns One personal minigun that fires handgun bullets.
Beefy arms One synthetic arm of alien origin 946 According to the Tradesmen, the Fleshmakers were the creators of these arms. We performed this exchange twice.

A ritual that utterly destroys an object.

Jane, Michelle, and Caius used this ritual to destroy Carpenter's robot during their attempt to find the hackers[6].

In addition to the rituals that were present when the Library gave her the book, the Jane that isn't Jane wrote another ritual on the inside cover when she took the book to the error room[7].

A ritual that lets you petition for information from the tradesmen.

Requirements: Light blue writing and light blue candles.

This ritual has been used a number of times.

Rules: Each question requires a cost, which will be stated after a question is asked. If a question is asked, a cost is required for the answer. Thus, anytime we phrase something as a question, if the Tradesmen want to answer without charging a cost, they must interrupt us before we finish.

The Tradesmen often provide more information than is strictly required to answer questions.

Question Cost Answer Page Notes
Do we know enough to return Faraday to normal? None Yes 923 Interrupted. This answer was given as a free sample.
What is the purpose of Thale's tunnels? Jane will have one less eye than she should for the rest of her life. 923 Declined
What's behind the door in bunker C? Willard the rat 923 Declined
What's the code for the most useful bunker? N/A 924 The Tradesmen rejected this question as "useful" is too ambiguous.
Can an oversynced individual return to their original selves? N/A 924 The Tradesmen do not know the answer. They hope to later trade it from Jane.
Do any parts of Lasker exist outside bunker B? One flower from bunker D. Yes 925
How can Lasker be destroyed? N/A Already known 925
How to prevent what Thale is doing with the tunnels? One quarter of the blood in Jane's body. Cut off his access to bioprinters. 925
What is the code to the bunker that would aid our survival most? Jane's childhood collection of stuffed animals. None, the exchange was declined. 925
What is the Tradesmen's relationship to Nil N/A The Tradesmen do not endorse the actions of any beings that may be involved in their rituals. 926
Is Edison redeemable within a normal human lifetime? N/A The Tradesmen could not properly answer this question as they have a poor understanding of redemption. 926
How many Zone Fifty bunkers are there, is there a master list of them, and if so, where can the list be found? The ability for Mine's hair to be brunette for one year. There were twenty four Zone Fifty bunkers at the organization's peak. A master list was never made. 926
What lies at the end of the railway on Mars. N/A Already known 926
Could tinfoil hats protect against the Many's control? The violet, civilian brand Humvee. 926 Declined
Is it safe to open the metal box currently stored on Mars? None No. 926 Provided for free in the interest of our continued business.
What is the location of the Patton Thale with the most bioprinted blood control? N/A Already known 926
Where are Howler and the other hackers? Your enemies will become aware of your use of the blood to control animals 927 Declined
Was Thale involved with Mine's parents' death? The golem made from the red. Mine's mother died of natural causes. Her father was killed by muggers hired by Thale. 927
What did the Nil destruction ritual do to Michelle and Caius? N/A Already known 965 This question was asked to confirm there were no hidden side effects.
How much can Jury know about magic without negative effects? One set of damaged bone armor, previously worn by caius Almost nothing, given her current protocols. 965
How did Thale make the monster arm? N/A Already known 966
What's the most dangerous thing at the hacker's location? None Jury, technically. 966
Will Thale guard the tunnels more now? N/A Thale no longer cares about the tunnels. 966 Continuation of previous answer.
Bunker X? N/A The Tradesmen are unable to answer questions regarding "spoilers" for bunker X. 966 Interrupted
Can we contact the makers of Michelle's new arms? Some cooked chicken Yes, but not directly, and you probably don't want to. The arms are not inherently addictive. 966
Will looking at Jane's brain have negative consequences? None It could have many consequences. What will actually happen is unknown. 967
What is the access code to the satellite Lydia wanted to hack? None It's protected by more than just a code. 967
Do Thale and co. suspect we are in the bunkers? Information about our interactions with Nil Thale doesn't, but Carpenter does, though Thale won't allow him to act on this. 968
Is Lydia in any immediate danger? N/A Mine did much better at protecting her friends than the Tradesmen were expecting for months or years. 1117 Not strictly answered, just a possibly related statement.
How long until Carpenter's plans can't be stopped N/A Carpenter wants Mine to try to stop him. When she does, the window of time will shrink dramatically. Until then, his patience dictates the time. 1117 The Tradesmen cannot accurately price this information because it depends on many factors.
How can we get rid of Carpenter without any civilian casualties? N/A Already known 1117
What is behind the door in the building that once was? N/A The Tradesmen do not know. 1117
Would adding a note to a trade alter the result? Two pancakes Not in any useful way. 1118
What is preventing the Tradesmen from knowing what is behind the door? What remains of Knox. When Mine invoked the Nil ritual to destroy Carpenter's robot, there were flaws. Nil used those flaws to expand his influence on Carpenter. 1118
How can one strengthen spiritual presence? N/A Lots of ways. 1121 No clear answer.
Who made the Combat #11 ritual? Where did Caius, Mine, and Dr. Finch go after they entered the Library? 1171 Declined
Is Combat #11 safe to use on mutants and modified humans? Caius will never be able to kill Macland Row or Gesenai Shirai. The ritual is less effective on non-standard humans, but still safe. 1171
What's up with the leech? N/A Already known. 1172
What happens to injuries received in Combat #11 form? Three tin foil hats. The wounds will be shrunk proportionally. 1172
We want your phone number. No. 1172
Is it safe to trap Nil in the red? N/A Nil can't be contained, but putting Nilpenter there would be dangerous. 1173 Unanswerable as Nil cannot be contained.
Can we get the messaging ritual? Caius' favorite t-shirt. An address of a bookstore. 1173
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