Blood is Mine Wiki

"And if you're wondrin' how I got this in yer locker... it's the same way I ain't been thrown outta this here hospital yet. SAME WAY I FOUND THIS CAMERATIN' DEVICE. Same way I fffigured out who you was before they did. 'Cuz ol' Grizwald... is just that. damn. good."[1] -Grizwald[]

Grizwald is a older homeless man who roams the city and makes his home base in the Rockwell Arcade. He is very knowledgeable about conspiracy theories and the like. He comes off as being a paranoid crazy man, but it turns out that most of the conspiracies he's afraid of are actually true. He broke into the hospital sometime after Jane's "death" and left a memory stick in her locker with a video on it that told her where to find him. Since his introduction, he has been a valuable source of information. He is also responsible for rescuing Lydia from a torture room in Macland Row's house. Currently, he runs a podcast called Infohazard with Lydia where they talk about current events and conspiracy theories. He currently has a syringe of Jane's blood, just in case. At some point, when Jane was little, she gave him a dollar when she saw him outside a store. He does not like cellphones, but is usually around Lydia, which has made him easier to get a hold of.

Grizwald was captured by Harold Hope after getting caught in his electrified vents and held hostage. Hope intended to use Grizwald as bait, broadcasting his church monster eating his congregation live on television, but the team's extensive planning after learning of Grizwald's capture through the Tradesmen thwarted this plan and brought Hope's monster and hostage situation to a swift end.


Grizwald continued to host Infohazard with Lydia for some time after the events of Blood is Mine. Eventually he was captured after breaking into labs and offices, but continued broadcasting from jail.[2] When the cops prevented him from doing so, he just broke out of jail and continued doing the podcast regularly. After getting caught again, Lydia moved on to other things. Grizwald still calls in and escapes from jail with some frequency, but he is no longer a permanent fixture of the podcast.