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Ilworth is an abandoned city in what is assumed to be the in-universe equivalent of the United Kingdom. It was the site of one of Zone 50's bunkers, and contains an entrance to Bunker E that is hidden inside of a suspiciously familiar blue police box.

All the property in Ilworth is currently owned by Jane, and is in the process of being refurbished as temporary accommodations for several of the group who are currently displaced from their homes in the city, until they can find somewhere they can be permanently relocated.

Notable Locations Edit

Power Station Edit

Ilworth Power Station is located within the city limits, and uses advanced EM technology to power the city. The building is currently in a state of disrepair, with damaged wiring and cracked ceilings evidence of extended disuse. While exploring, Michelle, Fuse, and Caius encountered an unusual web-like structure, and could hear unexplained crunching noises coming from somewhere within the building, which turned out to be coming from a gigantic worm-like creature. While initially hostile, Mine was able to get the creature to agree to a truce, after which the worm abandoned the building.

The power station is currently operational and powering the city of Ilworth, having been repaired by the group.

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