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Jane's mother was an ancient and powerful space-faring alien. It is unknown how old she was or how long she existed. Over a century before the story began, she detected signals being sent into space by a small planet that she would later learn was called Earth. At first, these signals confused her. She did not understand why these lifeforms would want to contact her, as she could easily destroy them. However, she eventually made contact. Her first few attempts did not go well, but she slowly learned to condense herself into a more human shape and speak in a way that would not harm those she was speaking to.

The first human she made contact with in this way was a radio operator at a small Zone Fifty installation who was tasked with sending the radio signals into space. She would return several times to speak with him, all the while working on a more convincing human shape. Eventually, as she developed a more human brain, her curiosity developed into something more, and she fell in love with the operator, who would later become Jane's father.

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