Patton Thale inherited his father's power company approximately a decade before the start of the story.
He has a wife and three kids. Thale has mostly stayed out of the public eye; his father was considered eccentric, funding various projects, including methods of prolonging his own life and space expeditions
(such as, to Mars).

Patton has stayed low key, presumably in an attempt to let the family name recover, as his father almost ruined the company by making his insane exploits public. It's possible that Patton Thale has been secretly carrying on his father's work, perhaps using secret accounts to keep from being another laughingstock.

The Thales seem to have access to quite a bit of old Zone Fifty documentation and old experiments. It is most likely they procured it through black market auctions.

Uncovering Thale Edit

A major clue on who the mastermind behind the conspiracy is was dropped by Macland Row after the infiltration at Club Elegance, when he had a furious phonecall with someone who was undoubtedly the mastermind. The party found out the first two letters to the mastermind's name was 'TH'.

Henceforth, Dr. Finch and Fuse researched on relevant names in the Upper Tiers and narrowed it down to either Theodore Reigns, or Patton Thale; Theodore Reigns has the motive, but Patton Thale has the means.

Eventually, Jane Doe and Fuse force-synced into Macland Row's mind with the purpose of discovering who TH- was. In Macland Row's mind, Patton Thale was revealed to be the mysterious 'TH-'.

The Patton Thale Test Edit

Jury S stated that Patton Thale is highly elusive, and city officials are uncooperative in helping investigations reach him. Upon further investigation into the people around Patton Thale (including his family), Jury discovered that all of them talk like Thale, have the same mannerisms and gestures. His kids would accidentally give responses at the same time. All of this suggests that Patton Thale has hive-minded all of the people around him to a severe degree.

Jury explained she talked to fifteen persons of interest, the Thales included, but not one of them would say his name. They would refer to him as 'my husband', 'my father', or 'my boss', but never Patton Thale, and would change the subject as soon as possible.

There is strong reason to believe, therefore, that those who have Save the Queen in their system are automatically programmed to be incapable of saying 'Patton Thale'. As a result, checking if someone can say 'Patton Thale' is one way of testing to see if they have been Queened.

Patton Thale's secretary Edit

Patton Thale has a secretary who speaks on his behalf most of the time. Jane Doe has never heard Patton Thale's voice directly - it has always been Thale speaking through his secretary.

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