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Prophet was a mutant from the bottom tiers of the city. He was a prominent figure in the Enyo cult, and served as a mouthpiece for their "goddess". He was largely responsible for organizing the Enyo cultists into action and pushed Save the Queen quite heavily, touting is as a transcendental religious experience instead of just a hallucinogen. He first appeared when Caius was kidnapped by Macland Row and Knox, and left in the warehouse, and spoke with Jane through Caius quite extensively, revealing the involvement of parties including Gesenai Shirai and Arvin Carpenter.

Prophet died of respiratory failure as a result of a panic attack exacerbating existing respiratory conditions.

Nimrod Edit

Nimrod was another mutant, also from the bottom tiers of the city. He was a large, hulking, muscular man with tremendous physical strength. He was always seen with Prophet, presumably acting as a bodyguard of sorts for his much frailer and weaker counterpart. Nimrod never spoke, and it remains unknown whether or not he was incapable of speech or if he just didn't care to talk.

Nimrod was bisected by one of Arvin Carpenter's flesh abominations.

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