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Southden is a city in the in-universe equivalent of the United Kingdom. It is a short drive away from the small town of Ilworth. Significant portions of the city have been built over water, and it is made up of two distinct sectors: the above-ground residential area, and a subterranean commercial district. The residential area contains domes which contain the residences of the wealthier residents. Less affluent areas surround the domes, which become more derelict the further one is from them.

Notable Locations[]

The Library[]

A nondescript library in one of Southden's domes. Prior to a visit by Jane, it was the location of Geoangular Control.

Fight Club[]

A small bar in the Southden underground that houses a secret fight club run by The Deck. Caius fought a match against The Painiac in order to acquire identification cards allowing the group access to most locations within the city, extra local currency, and local registration for the group's motorcycle.