The emblem for the Temple of Enyo was first seen on a poster in Howler Ferrings' apartment, at the start of Chapter 2. Jane Doe and Michelle met Grizwald later on, and when Jane showed the poster to Grizwald, he told them it was a 'weird church' that is mostly prevalent in the lower and middle tiers, through which upper tier folk performed some acts of charity for tax deduction purposes. The symbol of the Temple of Enyo is also seen in Club Elegance.

Public face Edit

'Enyo' was supposedly a goddess of war in ancient times.There are 'public' churches of Enyo that hold Enyo as a symbol of peace and charity. 

Brother Harold Hope Edit

Brother Harold Hope is a big preacher/televangelist on TV, and has a show on Sundays that is broadcast from one of Theodore Reigns' channels. He is one of the public faces for cross-denominational work with Enyo's charity activities (giving food, shelter and cell phones to the poor). He gets donations of cell phones that he passes out to the underprivileged, and puts his own personal phone number in each one, so they can call him if they need any help in the future. These cell phones have been proven to be bugged with trackers, however. 

Fractured sect Edit

There is a fractured sect with the (red-eyed) Prophet at its head, that states how they 'know the truth' and will 'carve the path of the true church from the shadows'. They believe that Enyo will help them overthrow the 'powers that be' and 'tear this city apart', to 'eat the rich and burn their mansions'. They refer to Enyo as their 'queen'.

They inject those who would pledge to their 'queen' with Save the Queen, effectively proving their ultimate connection to the mastermind behind the conspiracy - as Dr. Finch has deduced that Enyo is, in fact, the same person. By manipulating the shadow cult in order to push the class war, to encourage the rich to hate the poor and vice versa. It is a deliberate move to destabilise the overall structure so no one can band together to form an alliance against the mastermind. This fractured sect is not really a proper fracture of the Temple of Enyo, but misinformation to further obfuscate the real mastermind behind the rising conspiracy.

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