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"'Ello. Are... are you more doctors? I... I don't rightly think you lot are supposed to be in here."

― Tesla [[source]]

Tesla appears to be a young girl with brown hair in a blue dress. She is the second of three ghost-like [Imprints[1]] encountered by Jane Doe and her group, after her "sister" Edison. Originally discovered by Zone 50 in the town of Ilworth, she and her sisters Edison and Faraday were experimented on by the organizations' doctors in Bunker E. After a lab accident, referred to by Zone 50 as "Incident F" she was sealed in a specialized container, which ended up in a warehouse controlled by Patton Thale until it was recovered by Jane.

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Tesla's early life, or even really what she is. At some point in her past she lived in a house in Ilworth, England. After she died, her imprint remained in Ilworth with the imprints of her sisters, Edison and Faraday. Zone Fifty located her, and contained her within Bunker E. They would later perform experiments on her, though the exact nature of these experiments is not currently known, other than making her imprint stronger. They gave her the name Tesla after Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor, engineer, and futurist who designed the modern system for supplying alternating current electricity.

At some point prior to her appearance in the comic, she was placed in her containment canister indefinitely. She was also likely sold off at auction with a large number of other Zone Fifty property, which led to her coming into the possession of the Thale family.

The Warehouse and Bunker E Edit

Tesla's container was stored in a warehouse outside The City for an indeterminate amount of time. She was recovered by Jane Doe and was released into a containment cell in Bunker E. After a little bit of time acclimating to the presence of people again (and a few hugs), Tesla was given free reign of the Bunker.

Personality Edit

Tesla's personality is that of a shy young girl, who is initially suspicious of and uncomfortable around other people. Eventually, she opens up to Jane Doe's group, especially Caius.

Abilities Edit

Not much is known about Tesla's abilities, however, as an imprint her powers include intangibility and interfering with electrical signals and devices. It is unknown if she is as strong as her sister, Edison, who could paralyze normal humans. It is, however, likely that she shares the same weakness to water.

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