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The Deck is a criminal enterprise in the in-universe equivalent of the United Kingdom which has a major presence in the region around Southden. They have been tied to several blackmailing scandals of politicians, and are also involved with drug smuggling, cyber crimes, and underground fighting. Their only currently known front is an underground fighting ring that operates out of a disused Underground tunnel in the Southden subterranean commercial district.

Jane and the crew initially go to The Deck for help with acquiring identification cards for themselves, and vehicle registration for their motorcycle. Later, Fuse does some work hacking into a government database in exchange for several computers and an apartment that could be used as a base of operations to stop one of Patton Thale's plans. The Deck also helps Jane's group purchase all of the property in Ilworth.

Members of the gang adopt aliases based on Tarot cards. It is currently unknown how many members of the gang there are in total. Jane has met two in person, and knows of one other member.

Known Members[]

Ace of Cups[]


Ace of Cups is a tall, slender man with a bouffant-style haircut, dressed in a long overcoat, with an abrasive personality. He is one of The Deck's initial points of contact, and screens potential contacts for the organization.

In Tarot, the Ace of Cups is a minor arcana that represents joy of inner peace and issues of love, intimacy, deeper feelings, and compassion.



Lovers is Caius's sponsor for his underground fighting match. She is a woman of average height, with bright purple hair. It is implied that she has a telepathic ability; when she initially meets Jane, Caius, and Dr. Finch, she mentions she is adept at telling when people are lying. After the fight, she implies that she knows that Jane has some sort of secret ability.

In Tarot, The Lovers is a major arcana (VI) that represents relationships and choices.


Chariot is the manager of Caius's opponent in his fighting match. He is described by Lovers as someone who enjoys collecting misfit weaponry.

In Tarot, The Chariot is a major arcana (VII) that represents decision making, focus and determination.