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"Well, it didn't just grow legs and walk away-- ...... FFFFUUUUUUCK!"

A rather dismal and outdated hospital in the Middle Tiers. It sits in an area that was heavily damaged by the events of the Tobu Cyberbrains Hack. The technology and facilities in this hospital are woefully outdated, and it is poorly funded and poorly designed. It has four floors and a basement, various operating and patient rooms, at least one bathroom, a laundry room, a staff break room, and a security office in the basement. Jane and Dr. Finch used to work here before the events during and leading up to Chapter 1. Currently, the place is a half-destroyed wreck, following the rampage of the bioprinter monster and the various and sundry other beasts created from the bioprinter during Howler Ferrings' attack, not to mention it also being blown up a bit in the finale of Chapter 1. It featured briefly in the beginning of Chapter 4.

Jane and Michelle may be planning to return to the hospital at some point in the future simply to burn it down out of spite.