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Tobu Robotics is a company that creates many different robotic and artificial intelligence products, most notably their artificial intelligence CyberBrains. Their products are used in everything from cars to buildings to bio-printers and beyond. Their largest competitor was Row Dynamics, owned by Macland Row. Their CyberBrains are considered by most to be outdated, but still saw a large amount of use in the Middle Tiers prior to the Tobu Hack, as they were more cost effective than other, more refined products.

CyberBrains Hack[]

The Tobu Robotics CyberBrain hack was a terrorist attack carried out by a 22-year-old computer hacker and disgruntled former employee by the name of Howler Ferrings. His skills and the knowledge he had gained working for the company allowed him to hack into and control the CyberBrains systems, wreaking havoc in the Middle Tiers. Thousands were killed or injured in these attacks, and millions of dollars in property damage was caused. Some districts in the Middle Tiers were entirely wiped out, while others where CyberBrains were not as prevalent (closer to the upper and lower tiers, usually) sustained only minimal damage.

This attack had an understandably devastating impact on Tobu Robotics' stock, all but wiping out the company and allowing their competition to profit immensely as people scrambled to replace CyberBrains and likely also various other products manufactured by Tobu for fear that they, too, could be hacked and controlled.