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Jane Doe petitioning the Tradesmen.

The Tradesmen are an alien species that facilitate trades for their clients.

Related SpellsEdit

See Geoangular Control for a list of spell uses and results.

Information/Petition Ritual: A ritual wherein the caster may ask questions from the Tradesmen. The price for the question varies depending on how "powerful" the question is at the Tradesmen's discretion. The price for a question is first made clear, and the caster can then affirm or decline whether they want the question to be answered for the specified price.

Trade Ritual: A ritual where the caster may trade several lower quality objects for one higher quality object. The higher quality object in question will vary depending on what the caster needs. As an example, trading five sticks would gain the caster either a wooden sword (a better weapon), coal (better fire material), or a cane (better walking stick).

Removal Ritual: A ritual that uses the Tradesmen as middle-men to Nil in order to delete something from existence.


The Tradesmen believe in being a neutral party to all sides in every conflicts currently happening in the multiverse. As such, their trades have to be fair in order to avoid giving one side a significant advantage over the other: The price for the code to the Zone 50 Bunker that would best assist the team in defeating Patton Thale was Thale gaining knowledge of the Bunker entrances and locations as well as the locations of allies outside the Bunkers.


  • There are certain pieces of information that the Tradesmen do not know, such as if an oversynced person can return to their original self.
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